– How can I order a photo session?
The best way to do it is by calling the contact number that you can find in Contact Information, otherwise you can send an e-mail (it is advisable not to use this way of communication if your order is urgent). The fastest and most efficient way is to call and then to arrange a meeting.


– Which factors are influencing the total price of photo- services?
The type of photo session, the level of difficulty and the amount of work needed to achieve the desired result. However, all these details are discussed with the photographer in advance.

– Are you working in co-operation with stylists?
Yes, I often work together with the team of professional stylists, make-up artists and hair stylists.

– Do you have any assistants?
No, I don’t have a permanent assistant; however for some projects I invite colleagues to work with me.

– Do you use any professional software to improve the images?
It depends, but actually every digital image should be processed and perfected with special software.


– Do you sell your works?
I have an archive of photo images and people buy them to decorate the interiors, offices.


– Is it possible to purchase your works?
Yes, you can choose the photo images from archive, and then it can be decided on the way you want to see the finished work; like framing, the size etc. It can be done together with interior designer to get the best result. Some works are getting printed in limited quantities and do have a certificate.


– Where can one find full photo archive?
At the current moment the full archive is not available on the website. Should You wish to check it please send a request via e-mail or call and I will provide a chortcut to the full archive or a specific compilation of the pictures.


– How long do you work as a photographer?
I have been working on this field since the year 2000.

I will be glad to answer any of your questions.
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